Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 25 Science Cafe: "Visual perception as a window to brain function” by Dr. Duje Tadin

Hi everyone,
    For our March Cafe, 7:00pm on March 25 at the Pittsford Plaza Barnes and Noble's Community Room, the speaker and topic will be:

Dr. Duje Tadin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Opthalmology
Center for Visual Science
University of Rochester

To which task is the biggest part of your brain devoted? It is not memory, nor is it reasoning. It is actually visual perception. About a half of the human cortex is involved in processing visual stimuli. This helps explain why even though humans lag far behind machines in memory and computing power, our vision is far superior to even the most advanced computer vision. Understanding vision gives us insights into a wide range of brain functions. My own research has revealed that a simple visual task can strongly predict IQ scores, that as we enter old age some aspects of our vision become enhanced, and that visual tasks where individuals with autism show superior performance may reveal important cues about autism. Join me for a discussion about visual perception as well as questions you may have about the brain and vision.

April's Talk (on the 22nd) will be by Dr. Eric Hittinger of RIT, on "Everything You Wanted to Know About Renewable Energy".

We hope to see everyone there!