Monday, October 26, 2015

October Science cafe (10/27, 7pm) -- Dr. Mihail Barbosu (RIT): "Common Core, Uncommon Core: Math Education in the United States and worldwide"

The Rochester Science Cafe is pleased to announce that our next talk will be tomorrow evening, October 27, at 7pm in the Pittsford Plaza Barnes and Noble (in the community room on the second level, as always). 

"Common Core, Uncommon Core: Math Education in the United States and worldwide"
Dr. Mihail Barbosu
Professor and Head,
School of Mathematical Sciences
Rochester institute of Technology

The Common Core State Standards are a set of pre-college education benchmarks that cover two areas of study: Mathematics and English. The standards were released in 2010, but lately they have become a very controversial subject, involving teachers, parents, students, politicians and … comedians. The latest polls show that after the implementation of these standards, even previous supporters of the Common Core have started to reconsider their views.
In this talk we will discuss the value of the Common Core and the debate surrounding this topic. We will address questions like:
  • What are Common Core Standards and what is the need for such standards?
  • What were the issues that lead to the current controversy?
  • How does the US system of education compare with other systems of education?
  • How common are common standards in other countries and how are they handled?
This presentation will address many other related questions and will serve as an invitation to a meaningful and engaging conversation on the Common Core.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!